Malvarrosa Club (CM)

The club CM is located in Valencia (Spain), just 200 m from beautiful Malvarrosa beach, which allows our players to take a break from intensive physical and emotional pressure and enjoy beach time with families and friends.

Tennis courts and facilities play a key role in the training process, and the club meets all the requirements. 

<p>Team under 16</p>

Team under 16

       8 Clay tennis courts with artificial lighting

       7 Padel courts with glass walls


       Changing rooms with bathrooms

       Racket service


       Tennis shop

Do you prefer private lessons?

One-on-one coaching is one of the most efficient approaches, as the practice is adapted to suit the needs of a particular player, and the practice time is used most effectively.

The coach is the source of expertise and experience! It's a great advantage to ask questions at any point in the training process, absorb knowledge, and use it on the court. 

Skills are essential, but to improve, they need professional guidance!


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