Fitness Coach

Guillem Tomàs i Giner once represented Spain in the Under 14 World Team Championship and clinched Runner Up titles under 16 categories. After his competitive days, he transitioned into the academic and coaching realm. He holds a professorship in the Master's program for Physical Education at the Universidad Europea de València and boasts certifications from both PTR and LTA. His coaching journey includes esteemed stints at David Ferrer's academy and the LTA in London. As a fitness coach, he has worked with ATP and WTA players, notably Nuria Parrizas and Anastasia Gasanova, and has been associated with multiple academies across Europe.  Guillem's commitment to sports is evident in his comprehensive approach, where he not only focuses on athletic prowess but also on nurturing a genuine love for the sport and guiding young athletes towards realizing their dreams.

		<p>Guillem Tomàs i Giner</p>

Guillem Tomàs i Giner