Head Coach

He has trained professional tennis players who have achieved good results in national and international tournaments. Among his students, we must highlight.

  • Pedro Martinez Portero, winner of several RafaNadaTour tournaments and the National Babolat Cup, Tennis Europe Under14 Sanchez Casal and Benidorm, winner of Manuel Alonso Comunidad Valenciana, World Champion Under14 with Spain National Team.
  • Tamara Pichkhadze was number 1 in Europe in the Under 16 category.
  • Marc Giner Rodriguez, who reached number 240 in ATP. 

He is currently in charge of preparing the training programs for our players.

He accompanies our featured players to tournaments.

His career as a coach is very valuable when it comes to training players and helping them to become their better version both on and off court.

		<p>Carlos Bertó. Head coach.</p>

Carlos Bertó. Head coach.