He used to be a professional tennis player and won numerous national and international tournaments.
Best national ranking: Nº35
Best ATP ranking: Nº470

After he stoped competing he dedicated himself to training young tennis players using his experience as a professional player. He worked with players who are currently achieving good results in tennis world such as

  • Mohamed Safwat, Egypt (170 ATP).
  • Mario Vilella, Spain (190 ATP).
  • David Pérez, Spain (230 ATP).
  • Rafael Camilo, Brazil (280 ATP).
  • David Vega, Spain (400 ATP).
I achieved good results in tennis. I competed at the highest level I could. I enjoyed the competition. Now it's time to help young players to get on track ang achieve great results in tennis and in life.
José E. Lidó

		<p>José E. Lidó</p>

José E. Lidó